I established my laboratory at the University of Missouri–Columbia in the winter of 1993–94. My research has changed over the years, from basic ecology, behavior, and evolutionary biology as a graduate student and post-doc to a more applied focus on conservation questions. What is the same, however, is that we continue to study basic ecological and behavioral processes important to the persistence of amphibian populations.

I have been very fortunate to work in a department that values our research and has given me great latitude in balancing my love for teaching and mentoring students with research and service. Much of my time is now spent on research and mentoring a large group of graduate students. I have a great group of students that make the daily routine an awesome experience for me. Daily interactions with my students, solving problems together, and watching them grow professionally and move on to great jobs still is one of my greatest rewards [see Student section]. I am devoted to mentoring graduate students to become conservation leaders and university faculty for the future.

This website was established to help communicate with other laboratories and people doing similar work in order to promote the flow of ideas and information. Further, I hope that students (graduate and undergraduate) looking for a research home, can read about our work and gain an appreciation for the questions we are asking, our approach to science, current research topics, and learn a little about the people, past and present, that have started their careers in my laboratory.