Undergraduate Research


Emily Brocato presenting her research at MU Life Sciences Week

Emily Brocato presenting her research on marbled salamanders at MU Life Sciences Week

I welcome the participation of undergraduate students in our research program.

I believe that hands-on research experience is necessary to make choices about a career in biology and to be competitive for graduate school. I do not assume that students have prior experience, but I do require that they be highly motivated, focused, and willing to learn during their tenure with us.

Each year, I have up to five undergraduate students working on projects in my laboratory. They may be funded by MU summer fellowships (LSUROP Summer Fellowships; A&S Research Mentorships), extramural grants, or you may just want to volunteer time.

If you are interested in becoming involved in research during the summer or regular semester, please read about the lab’s current research and contact the graduate students to set an appointment to talk.

Also, check out our past undergraduates.

Information about Funding

Dr. Linda Blockus, Director
Office of Undergraduate Research
150 Bond Life Sciences Center