Dessert Party 2017

The annual Semlitsch lab dessert party was held on 04 February 2017. We had 6 spectacular entries this year and there were a few lab alumni in attendance. Rachelle Riegrex won  with her delicious Rum Bundt Cake. Congratulations Rachelle!!!!


Journal of Herpetology Cover Photo

Ray Semlitsch and Tom Anderson’s paper on the “Structure and Dynamics of Spotted Salamanders (Ambystoma maculatum) Populations in Missouri” was featured on the June 2016 cover of the Herpetologica. You read more about this exciting research here:

Recent Grad Students Get Post-Docs!

UA_LogoBritt Ousterhout, who finished her PhD work in the spring of 2016, is a postdoctoral scholar in Adam Siepielski’s lab at the University of Arkansas. Britt will be working on a project that focuses on how local adaptation influences species diversity. You can read more about Britt’s exciting work here.

Tom Anderson, who finished his PhD work in the sprinKUlogog of 2016, will be working with Dan Reuman at the University of Kansas. Tom will be studying the spatial synchrony of population dynamics of amphibians and plankton. You can read more about Tom’s recent work here.

Desert Party 2016

Desert_Party2016_labThe annual Semlitsch lab dessert party was held in January 2016. There were 6 scrumptious entries this year competing for the ceramic frog trophy.

Desert_Party2016_winnerArianne Messerman won this year with her delicious “Chocolate Mountain” which was a flourless chocolate torte. Congratulations Arianne!!!!Desert_Party2016_spread


Salamander Abundance and Biomass Paper Receives Wide Coverage

Salamanders Are a More Abundant Food Source in Forest Ecosystems than Previously Thought.” based on our paper published in the Canadian Journal of Zoology (2014) 92:997-1004.

Since posting, we have received more than 122 international, national and state media placements:

National Placements:
11/18/14 ScienceDaily (#2 most visited science news website)
11/18/14 EurekAlert (#8 most visited science news website and #43 most visited science blog)
11/18/14 (#27 most visited science news website)
11/19/14 (#17 most visited science news website)
1/19/14 (#24 most visited science news website)
11/19/14 (#43 most visited news website)
11/21/14 (#1 most visited science news website)
11/21/14 Reptiles Magazine
11/21/14 National Association of State Foresters
12/1/14 Discover Magazine (#86 U.S. magazine, 95,660 single copy circulation)
12/23/14 Green Living Guy
NOTE: This story also ran in 111 other national media outlets